About A code of conduct for WordPress developers who want to do right by their small-business clients. “Because the small-business website marketplace cannot effectively police itself, there needs to be an honor code among website developers to watch out for clients’ best interests.” -The Small-Business WordPress Developer Code of Honor Why the Honor Code “WordPress is a wonderful technology, but most small business website owners are not having wonderful experiences with it.” -The Small-Business WordPress Developer Code of Honor WP Honor Code is a project by Fred Meyer at WPShout. It comes from his experience, over many years doing WordPress client work, that most WordPress clients are not being well-served by their developers. The Situation By its nature, small-business WordPress development is very loosely organized: there are no certifying organizations, entrance exams, quality control or oversight systems, or centralized places for feedback or complaints. And because the work is so technical, clients are often not in a position to tell good work from bad until it’s too late. In some ways, this environment is similar to feudal Europe or … Continue reading About