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Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions was formed in June 2013 with one simple premise:

Helping people — business owners, nonprofit organizations and clubs, independent musicians and anyone else in need of technical assistance — understand that cutting-edge technologies can be both helpful and user-friendly in their everyday lives.

The online world has opened many doors for small businesses to be “found” by their customers in the same manner and on the same platform as the largest chains and corporations. While there is great opportunity available, it also takes planning, insight and, perhaps most importantly — time, talent and a passion for all things technical — to reap the rewards a robust online presence can provide.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start but want to learn. Maybe you know a little bit (just enough to be dangerous?) and desire to learn more or play catch-up with what’s out there. Or, maybe you prefer to concentrate on and spend your time running your business and want to leave all the technical stuff to someone else.

Whatever your needs, Why The Fuss? can help you integrate technology into your business or organization without it being costly, difficult to learn, time-consuming and/or impractical. We aren’t here to sell you all the bells and whistles you’ll probably never need; we’ll stick to the helpful stuff you’ll actually use.

Explore the rest of our site or simply contact us to learn more about our products, services and solutions.

About Eric Kuznacic, WTF? founder and president

Eric Kuznacic, president and founder, Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions, Janesville, Wisconsin
Eric Kuznacic, founder and president of Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions

Eric Kuznacic is a lifelong technology junkie who began experimenting with computers more than 30 years ago, after his parents purchased a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. He found some BASIC programs in the back of a computing magazine and spent hours inputting and debugging the code to create very simple programs.

During his high school years he became enamored with the Internet via his family’s Compuserv dial-up account. He chose to attend Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, largely because of its “Macintosh in Every Dorm Room” program. During college he taught himself to code HTML and CSS, and after graduation continued to dabble in freelance website design and IT consulting side projects.

In 2013, after several requests from friends and nonprofit organizations for assistance with their websites and online branding efforts, he realized others were willing to pay him for such services and Why the Fuss? Technical Solutions was born. He sees his business as a vehicle through which to provide services and training/education to small businesses, nonprofit organizations, independent musicians and anyone else in need of technical assistance.

Since founding WTF? in 2013, Mr. Kuznacic has amassed a long list of private-, public- and nonprofit clients throughout southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and beyond. The firm specializes in WordPress website development and related training services. Kuznacic believes strongly in the power and dynamism found within the global WordPress community and supports its open-source mission.

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