Read and Sign the Honor Code

Elaboration on each point is available at the WPShout article. Honor code is also available as a PDF. Current Honor Code version is 1.0. 

Overriding Principles

The purpose of my work is to accomplish my clients’ real-world goals.

I will hold myself accountable for the knowledge and skills necessary to do my work well.

I will never use my clients’ lack of knowledge against their best interest.

  • I will not mislead my clients.
  • I will not misrepresent my own knowledge.

General Approach to Projects

I will offer solutions within the context of the real-world goals of the project.

I will know, and communicate, the boundaries of my own competencies.

Client Relationships

I will treat my clients with respect.

I will offer, and adhere to, clear timeframes in which the client can expect a response from me.

I will communicate steadily and proactively about the project's cost and progress toward completion.

I will not dissolve, or become unavailable for, client relationships without proactively informing my clients.

WordPress Development Practices

I will not market myself as a “WordPress developer” without the qualifications of that term.

  • Knowledge of PHP.
  • Knowledge of WordPress as a software system.
  • Knowledge of proper development practices.
  • Fundamental knowledge of SEO.

I will take seriously, and hold myself accountable for investigating, the quality of the third-party software I use within WordPress.

  • Defensible theme choices.
  • Defensible plugin choices.

My hosting recommendations for my clients will stand up to reasoned scrutiny.

My use of third-party software will not have the purpose of compensating for gaps in my knowledge.

I will not use WordPress for projects that are bad fits for the software.

Billing Practices

I will not outsource labor without informing the client.

I will track my time and bill for the tracked amount.

I will only bill for time that the client is aware I’m billing for.